The Mortgage Loan Process                     

Action Responsible Party Details
Apply Online Applicant This will set the process into motion. Whether you want to get pre-qualified and have not yet found a property or have made an offer this will enable a loan officer to assess your application.
Credit Check & Pre-qualification AddieMae We check credit and pre-qualify with our pre underwriting system.  This system  will assess your credit, income and assets to quickly determine what programs you qualify for.
Loan Agent Contacts by Phone or Email AddieMae On a purchase loan it is vital that a mortgage professional guide the process. This first connection with the loan officer will get a dialogue started which will insure that you get the loan you want and that it funds when you need it to fund.
Appraisal Ordered Both Once you determine what loan amount, loan type and rate you want, your loan officer will order an appraisal. (you must pay the appraiser at the time of the visit.)
Required Loan Documentation and Paperwork Both Paperwork is still a big part of the loan process. We will mail you the printed loan application, some other forms to sign and a document checklist. Get this back to us ASAP. If you have questions, call or e-mail your loan officer.
Loan Submission to a Underwriter AddieMae Once all of the paperwork is assembled by our processors they will submit the loan package to the Underwriter for final underwriting..
Underwriting & Approval Underwriter An underwriter will review the package and fax an approval to AddieMae and any conditions necessary for the approval.  Most conditions are taken care of by AddieMae or the Underwriter.  However, on occasion, you may need to provide additional paperwork or explain some details.
Clear Conditions AddieMae Our closer gets the conditions from whomever is to provide them and submits them to the Underwriter.
Loan Documents Delivered Underwriter The Underwriter draws the documents and delivers them to the escrow agent. The escrow agent will call you to arrange signing. This is coordinated by our closer, your Realtor and the escrow agent
Loan Funding Escrow/Funder Once the signed documents are returned to the Underwriter they will be reviewed. The escrow agent will request a wire transfer of the loan funds, close and record the transaction.







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