Debts to Consolidate

Debt consolidation loans to Pay off high interest rate credit cards and other debts

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"We specialize in getting debt consolidation loans, even with bad credit"


We offer debt consolidation loans.  No matter the reason for the debt, whether it be from a loss of income, unexpected bills, debts due to an illness or injury, or even mismanagement of your finances, a Debt Consolidation loan from Addie Mae could be your best solution to get you back on the right track. In a few short years you can pay off your debts and reduce your monthly payment.  

Even if you have recently been turned down for debt consolidation we invite you to contact us for a free Debt Consolidation loan evaluation so we can help you reestablish your good credit.

Use a debt consolidation loan to pay off

  • Credit cards with high interest rates
  • Store cards with high interest rates
  • Accounts that are behind on payments
  • Car loans
  • Boat loans
  • Student loans
  • Furniture loans
  • Small Loans
  • Personal loans

Home Financing is the least expensive way to pay off credit cards and other high interest loans.  Debt consolidation loans carry lower rates, credit cards have high interest rates that are not tax deductible.  Debt consolidation loans offer home owners a method of  Home Financing that will pay off credit cards and other  loans.  Get a debt consolidation loan and pay off credit cards to improve your financial situation.

Addie Mae can help you with  consolidation Loans , Mortgage Financing, paying  off credit cards and other loans with debt consolidation  loans.  We  pay off credit cards, pool loans, second mortgages, personal loans, other consolidation Loans, first  Mortgage Financing, and any other bills or debts you want to consolidate.

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Note:  Texas Home Equity Loan Laws prohibit certain types of loans, ask a representative for details.


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